1. what is CSS?

the full form of CSS is cascading style sheets. css is widely used for designing web pages or web content written in markup languages such as HTML.

2. What are the limitations of CSS ?

Limitations are:

  • Ascending by selectors is not possible
  • Limitations of vertical control
  • No expressions
  • No column declaration
  • Pseudo-class not controlled by dynamic behavior
  • Rules, styles, targeting specific text not possible

3. What are the different ways you could integrate CSS into your HTML page?

There are three ways that you could integrate a certain CSS style:

  1. You can integrate your style using the style-tags in the head section of your HTML page.
  2. You can integrate your style using inline-styling.
  3. You can write your CSS in a separate file and add it to your HTML page using the link tag.






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