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the full form of CSS is cascading style sheets. css is widely used for designing web pages or web content written in markup languages such as HTML.

2. What are the limitations of CSS ?

Limitations are:

3. What are the different ways you could integrate CSS into your HTML page?

There are three ways that you could integrate a certain CSS style:


answer: Recursion is a technique used to solve computer problems by creating a function that calls itself until your program achieves the desired result. In JS, and in coding in general, A recursive function is a function which calls itself.

function log(num){
if(num > 5){
log(num + 1);


When you run the code above, the log function will simply call itself as long as the value of the num variable is smaller than 5.

A recursive function must have at least one condition where it will stop calling itself, or the…

Answer: When the state of a React component (which is part of its input) changes, the UI it represents (its output) changes as well. This change in the description of the UI has to be reflected in the device we are working with. In a browser, we need to update the DOM tree. In a React application we don’t do that manually. React will simply react to the state changes and automatically (and efficiently) update the DOM when needed.

2. write the advantages of using reactJS.


answer: It is really normal to make error during coding intentionally or not. it may occur because of our mistakes, an unexpected user input, an erroneous server response, and for a thousand other reasons. if code get some error then it shows an unwanted output. try…catch allows to handle these unwanted error and shows some reasonable output.

2. why caching is important?

answer: caching is a general computer concept that provides efficiency through data availability. the commonly accessed data is stored in a common store and provide them to the requesters. caching can…


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